IP: “Vaporware” – Color Palette

Preview the latest album from sharx favorites Color Palette.

Now available on Spotify  and iTunes.

“Vaporwave” – Color Palette

#infiniteplaylist day 842

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IP: “Kaleidoscopic” – Wildcat Apollo

“Kaleidoscopic” – Wildcat Apollo

#infiniteplaylist day 841

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IP: “Heavy Metal Detox” — Wavves

“Heavy Metal Detox” – Wavves

On this track from V the latest ( 5th! ) album from everyone’s favorite beach-fi band Wavves there is an unmistakable glee in Nathan Williams’ voice when he screams Taking a break / not just from you / but everything. Having found solace in his newfound solitude he does not mind letting the rockstar veneer crack slightly to reveal his obvious road-weariness culminating in the repeated refrain I’m getting worse. While this self-implication of his mental state rings particularly true on this moody record, the band and the singer certainly aren’t getting worse — rather tighter and more focused all the time.

#infiniteplaylist day 834

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